A vintage theme is a timeless classic. Simple revisions can be made to many a decoration to add that vintage twist. Simply adding lace, pearls, antique brooches and roses creates instant vintage glamour.

These sashes can easily be changed to match your chosen colour scheme. With the pearls     and feathers it shouts 1920’s glamour.

These simple and elegant decorations will add class to your tables.  Roses, peonies and cut glass candle holders are a great way of adding warmth and depth to your venue.

Old hard back books mixed with flowers can create a nostalgic, romantic feel, whilst bunting is a quick and easy way to brighten up a room.


A vintage bike can make a great prop which could also hold a basket and double up as

your card box.

A lace or floral effect on your cake will link nicely to your vintage theme and ooze luxury.  The theme can be injected into your stationery, with the use of floral laser

 cut details.  Added accessories such as pearls, lace and ribbon will create a

more unique look.

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